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3Di Advanced

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The advanced classes are taught by industry professionals who not only know their craft inside and out but are passionate about it.

3di Master Classes are a great stepping stone and introduction to further study into any of the following areas:

  • Digital Media
  • Interactive Media
  • Gaming
  • Film and Television
  • Illustration
  • Fine Arts
  • Contemporary Art
  • Computer Science
  • Programming

Courses Offered

Concept Design

Concept Design and Development

Duration: 80 hours
In this course students are introduced to conceptual development and will be looking at creating characters, objects and environments with a strong focus on lighting, colour and shape. Student go through development in thought process and learn about various useful techniques.

Character Design & Development

Duration: 80 hours
In this concept design course, students focus in on the development of characters. They will be looking at the thought process that goes into developing dynamic and effective characters for audiences as well as various art techniques utilised to portray these characters.


Introduction to 3d Animation

Duration: 80 hours
This course opens the way for students to develop animation for personal projects, adds or short films. Students will be introduced to a wide variety of techniques and tool sets.

Introduction to 3d Modeling

Duration: 80 hours
In this course students explore various 3d modeling techniques such as poly-modeling, spline manipulation and digital sculpture. Students will become adept and pre-planning a model, visualising and then building it out in stages. Covers a variety of objects from props to characters to whole environments.


Computer Game Development

Duration: 80 hours
Students will touch on the massive world of computer gaming and interactive media. They will be introduced to fundamental gaming concepts as well as various technologies like Motion Capture and Motion Sensor tech. A very hands on course..


Introduction to Programming

Duration: 80 hours
In this course students will be introduce to the vast world of programming. Student will create simple computer games, mobile apps and office solutions while learning about programming fundamentals and various computer languages.

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